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Boston Junior Terriers Friday Night Mites



Session 2: January 6th – March 31st 
  • Friday Nights at 5:00 PM
  • Cost: $200 (includes a jersey)
  • All Cross Ice Games (up to 3 games at once)
  • Ages '11-'08 
  • Teams will be broken up by skill during the first set of games and given their appropriate jersey colors
  • Limited to 40 Players 
  • More Information: All players will be divided up into teams and cross ice games will be played, teams will play for the whole time after a little warm up.  Cross ice hockey is the best way to improve younger players.  The benefit of cross ice is that the player learns more because they are constantly touching the puck and they are always involved in the play.  Cross ice is also where kids find a love for the game of hockey.  Coaches will be on the ice organizing the teams and helping keep players moving.  
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