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  • The teams in each division will play preliminary games to determine which teams advance/seeding for the playoffs and championship games. These games will have 3 x 15 minute stop-time periods. No timeouts are permitted in the preliminary games.

  • The team will receive 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss.

  • Three-minute warm-up.

  • The home team will wear white.

  • Teams must be prepared to start the game 15 minutes early.

  • Any preliminary game that ends in a tie will be allowed to stand as a tie. No overtime during preliminary-round play.

  • Games will go to running time after the second period when a five-goals-or-greater differential exists. Stop time will resume when the differential becomes three goals.

  • Games will end after the 10:00 minute mark of the third period when a ten-goals-or-greater differential exists.

  • The max goal differential is seven goals. Example: If the final score is 10-1, it will be recorded as 8-1.

  • No timeouts are permitted in the preliminary games.

  • One timeout of one minute per team is permitted in all playoff games.

  • For the squirt minor and squirt major divisions, we will allow one adult to assist with the penalty box doors. No coaching will be allowed and assistance will be terminated without warning for violation of the coaching ban. No penalty box assistance will be allowed for the pee-wee minor, pee-wee major, bantam minor or bantam major divisions.



  • ALL OFFICIALS CALLS are FINAL. The tournament does not have the ability to change officials’ calls.

  • Period lengths are 3 x 15 minute stop-time periods.

  • Penalty times will be as follows:

    • MINOR Penalties: 2 minutes

    • MAJOR Penalties: 5 minutes

    • MISCONDUCT Penalties: 10 minutes

    • FIGHTING Penalties: Player out for the remainder of the tournament.

    • GAME MISCONDUCT: Player or team official out for the remainder of the game and next game.

      • Second offense - Player out of the tournament.

    • 5 NON-INCIDENTAL Penalties: Player out for the remainder of the game and next game.

      • Second offense - Player out of the tournament.

  • Aggressive penalties occurring in the last two minutes of a game will result in the player being out for the next game.\\



To determine teams advancing to the semifinal and final rounds. If more than 2 teams are tied, as soon as the tie is broken, the tiebreaker will then reset to Head-to-head and reapplied to any remaining ties. If there are more than 2 teams tied, Head-to-Head will not be used and the first tiebreaker will be the Goal Quotient until it's back down to only 2 teams tied in points. At that time, head-to-head would then apply. Head-to-Head is only used if or when it is down to only two teams that are tied in points.

  1. Head-to-Head Competition - Direct play between two tied teams.(Goes away should there be more than 2 teams tied with same points.)

  2. Goal Quotient - The team with the greater % will advance. GF/(GF +GA)

  3. Fewest Goals Against

  4. Most Goals FoR

  5. Coin Toss

Note: Forfeits - If a team forfeits any of its games, and becomes involved in any tie-breaking formulas to determine its eligibility to advance to the next level of play, the team forfeits all games in the round-robin play and can not play in the playoffs. Actual forfeited game(s) will be score 3-0 losses to the team that forfeited, all other played games of the forfeited team will remain with the game as played and scored.


  • Playoff games will be put online and emailed to team contacts. Please allow us time to calculate (immediate emails, phone calls, and questions, will delay the process).

  • The Showdown uses a crossover format for playoffs.



  • 1st seed vs 4th Seed 

  • 2nd seed vs 3rd seed 


  • The bracket will be online at the time of the tourney. There is no re-seeding after each game. 

  • All playoffs and final games will be 3X15 stop-time periods. All playoffs and championship games will be played to completion. Running time is allowed but the ten-goal mercy rule will not apply. Overtime will be sudden-death and timed as follows:

    • 3-on-3 until a winner is determined; free substitution

Most divisions will have an elite and AAA division and it is a 4-game guarantee. Teams will play round robin and playoff games (including finals) in their division. The round-robin and playoff structure for each age level and division will be determined by the number of teams in the division (it may vary from division to division).





Derackk Curtis 

General Manager 

Boston Jr. Terriers



office:781-821-0304 ex#2